Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ikey is 3!!!

Ikey turned 3 this summer and boy did we tear it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It would have been great if all of our friends and family could have been here, but it would have been a tight squeeze. One of the beauties of a summer baby is that you can always throw the bday party in your backyard.... except of course if there is a torrential downpour, which is what happened to us. So we had 40 or so people in the house, 1/2 of them kids, 1/2 of them found hiding in my closet. Chaos reigned, but we had a great time and Kathe taught Ike how to open presents.

That's our neighbor Scott holding court with the kiddos.

How cute are Jason and his little sister Beth? And tell me she's not working that party hat!

Ikey loved having his big cousing Jordan at the festivities!

Getting busy with some cupcakes!

Cute little birthday boy!

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