Sunday, January 13, 2008

Grammy's Birthday

We ended our holiday season with Grammy Joyce's 70th Birthday Celebration on December 30th. She insisted that she didn't want a party, but we couldn't resist. Here she is on her special day.

Here are Beth, Jordan and Kathe making extra special cornbread to go with Grammy's birthday chili.

Here's is Grammy's beautiful birthday cake!

And finally, here are shots from her rockin' party! Ike really loved Grammy's balloons. He calls them "boons" and he loves to play with them, even while he's eating.

Here's Kathe giving us her superstar smile!

Kathe and Auntie Mel!

The Williams Family!

Happy Birthday Grammy - we love you!!!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Happy Holidays - Part 2

Christmas around here is a VERY big deal. The Blumklotzs (and the Williams) go all out. This year we extended the holiday as long as possible and yet we still managed to get Grammy's decorations put away and her tree recycled just after the New Year. I know much less busy families who still have all their lights up and it's already the 5th!

Here are Jason and the kiddos on Christmas morning. They are dancing and singing because they're so excited to go to Grammy's and open their presents!

After a delicious meal with the whole family we spent most of the day opening presents. As mentioned in our last post we got this fantastic camera. Kathe got a way cool bike. Here she is riding around the neighborhood with Jordan. See it doesn't rain here all the time. In fact we even got a little snow on Christmas!Not to be outdone by big sis, Ike got some cool gifts too. Including a real drum (not a toy one). It turns out that he is a real music lover like his daddy. He often stands next to the stereo and shouts "more, more" meaning, put on some more music so that I can get down and boogie. He loves to bang away on it (so does Kathe as evidenced by the photo below).
A few days after Christmas Bryan and Melissa invited us over for a holiday party.We had lots of fun playing with their Wii , watching Frosty the Snowman, eating, juggling and harrassing the pugs (Ike especially liked that last part).

Here are Jason and his lil' sis Beth enjoying each others' company.

Jeff posing with the nutcrackers.

Grammy and Jordan.

Beth and Jordan, adorable as always!

Maia enjoying Ike's company while he wonders if she is trying to steal his ball.

Kathe decorating the mini tree

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy Holidays - Part 1

It's 2008 and our first resolution is to keep in touch with you! We hope to keep you posted on all the Blumklotz comings and goings, ups and downs and ins and outs. We just got a brand new teeny camera for Xmas so we've been taking lots of photos. No more excuses, we promise . We had a really great holiday season with family, friends, food and festivites galore. It all started out with a very fun Halloween. Take a look at the two cutie pies below.

Here are Ike and Kathe on their way to a very exclusive Halloween party at ultra hip Black Wagon (our friend Sarah's kids store). Ike is dressed as Duke the Dog (Duke is Kathe's favorite stuffed animal). Kathe, of course is dressed as Lucy the Elephant.

This was the first year that Kathe really got into the spirit of giving - that is us giving gifts to her. She did indeed get lots of cool stuff. Including the pink leotard and tutu she is wearing below. She also enjoyed playing dreidel and collecting gelt. In the photo below she had just annihilated Paul at dreidel as evidenced by the column of gelt displayed on the table. She's our little winner! Don't you go believin' any of Paul's nonsense about that trick dreidel either!

In addition to nightly games of dreidel, we ate nightly piles of latkes. Aryne rivals only her grandmother Jean in latke making. You can tell by Ike's expression that they are delish. Kathe's expression tells another story however....

Perhaps the best Hannukah present of all was a trip to the zoo for Zoo Lights. As is our tradition we went with Oliver and his family. It was loads of fun. It was Ike's first year, but he quickly decided that it was worth staying up late for.